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Top 2 #7 :
No Rest for the Weary
Published 2022-02-14 by CSC2_Comics
27 Pages
Action & Adventure — Fantasy — Manga — Spiritual

Grand Master Ko can barely contain his excitement. He has something he has never had before. Undeniable PROOF! There are sleepers in the Branches, and now that he knows what to look for, Master Katrina can expose them. But due to his mistrust in Spirit Coms, he is oblivious to the current state of Reagalious, and is thus unaware that he is being pursued by his own brothers and sisters. Reaper and Valkyrie are on the move, and there's no telling what Grand Master Yoticho will do to put the suspected terrorist in his place. How far will he and Grand Master Chi-Chi be willing to go when they discover that Master Ko has fled to Dragon Branch Main? And what actions will Grand Master Michael take upon his friends arrival? Meanwhile, following his mad dash through the streets of Ezrietta to save his family, Dyku witnesses a side of his mother he's never seen before, and is surprised to discover that she refuses to leave her home. There's trash that needs taking out, and she intends to see it done!

For Young Adults and up
(No questionable content indicated)
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