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Paparazzi #4 :
Paparazzi #4
Published 2022-05-06 by TidalWave
25 Pages
Action & Adventure — Superhero — Fiction

"How do you deal with a spoiled superstar diva? Take away the limelight and give it to Superheroes. But in the final issue of TidalWave's slightly naughty epic, Nikki Daywood isn't having it. She's determined to get back into the limelight at any cost and will let nothing get in her way. Of course, when two of the world's most dangerous super-assassins are on your trail, anything can happen... and does! Meanwhile, when one of their own is found nearly dead in her townhouse, the heroes finally realize tabloid journalists are quite possibly the most dangerous opponents they have ever dealt with and are no longer able to fight them alone. Will Judo Girl and the others finally learn to play the Hollywood game? Find out in the last titillating issue of Paparazzi!"

For Mature Readers
Intense Violence, Mild Language
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