Comic Art Trends Price Guide
Owning original comic art has exploded in popularity with pieces by Jack Kirby, John Romita, Sr., Neal Adams, Frank Miller, and Todd McFarlane selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The CAT Price Guide 2019 provides market data for over 30 legendary comic book artists. The author presents analysis, graphs, and plenty of images representing the works of each artist. Also, the CAT scale helps fans, collectors, and investors compare works of original art using a grading system UNIQUE to the CAT Price Guide. The 2019 Legends Edition is the first in the annual series, similar to the work of the Overstreet Price Guide. The 2020 Modern Masters Edition features 40 new artists. The 2021 Edition is in progress and will release soon. Note: Paperback and Electronic versions are available through Amazon, but is the only place where a marketable DIGITAL version of the Comic Art Trends Price Guide will be available.
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Comic Art Trends Price Guide 2019 Legends Edition
Published 2021-03-13