Tips and Tricks to Surviving Comic Conventions

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 1 week ago

During our weekly CryptoComics Couch livestream and podcast, we talked about our experiences attending comic conventions. Our community added their own tips in the open discussion time, and had some great convention hacks to share that we will be trying.

We were joined by avid comic fan and community member Andrew “Crutchy”, as well as creator Tom Rapka of T3 Comics

And our favorite part: Unboxing! See what loot we've recently gotten from supporting creators.

We also covered the comic news:

What is happening with Comics and NFTs? El Salvador did WHAT? 

Diamond Cancels Halloween!?! Logan Paul rips off Adobe stock images? Mike Mignola to illustrate...Pinocchio? Spider-Man beats Superman? 

Does Rocketeer finally get a sequel? Robert Pattinson with a Batman spinoff? These are just a few of the news items we covered.

Crowd Funding comics we think you will love! 

Tom Rapka joined us to tell us about T3 Comics’ latest Kickstarter campaign, Sammy the Bean Vs Covid19

We gave a quick update on Tales of Tesla, the campaign we hosted the launch on our show recently and we’re pleased to say is fully funded, with over a month left to go. 

We are excited to announce two upcoming crowd funding launch parties we have the honor of hosting. 

XCT: Monsters to Launch LIVE on our channel on the 24th at 8:30pm EST

Reports from the Institute (Vivid Halloween Novel) - Launch Oct 1st at 8:30 EST

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Next Week’s Discussion Topic: Have you ever supported a crowd-funding campaign, and would you do it again?

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