Return of the Facts and Polls Galore!!

by Matthew Russell - Posted 1 month ago

Welcome my CryptoComics Compatriots! I’m here to give you a pretty cool update. This one might not be a CryptoComics System Update, but it’s still really cool. 

A long time ago, the CryptoCrew and I were getting ready to hit FanX in Salt Lake City UT. We decided that as we were getting ready for it, we should have a countdown of Comic Facts that we were posting on Facebook.

Well, I think its time that we brought those back. Plus we have some more for you.

Comic Polls

You might have noticed that on Monday, I gave you a poll to think about. The first one was all about your favorite villain. First off, who is yours? Mine happens to be either Count Darius from Death Watch by the legendary Chad Hardin, or Two Face. 

Let’s face it (pardon the pun), but Harvey Dent has to be one of the most complex characters and Count Darius is just one Bad Mother…

You should really check out Death Watch. His Kickstarter was a massive success and he had some impressive variant covers by the amazingly talented Ryan Kincade, Tyler Kirkham, Marat Mychaels, and Ale Garza. You can check out the Death Watch Ashcan here. Yes, I know the cover is white and it blends into the background of this blog post.

Anyway, back to the point. Every Monday we will be dropping some awesome polls on both Facebook and Instagram. Check them out and comment below each poll to get your vote counted!

Some will relate to comics in general, some will be current events. We will also be dropping polls about various system updates that we do, as well as polls about comics that get dropped on CryptoComics Marketplace.  I can’t wait to dive into your various opinions and thoughts.

Make sure that you can get to either out Facebook page or our Instagram and get in there. Get your hands dirty and let's open our minds.

Special Note: Everyone's opinion is their own and as valid as the next. Let's keep everything both civil and fun. I want this to be a place where we can have open discussions and not a toxic environment. 

We will not get into various taboo topics such as religion or politics, so no need to worry about that. Let's have some fun. EVERY MONDAY, GET THERE!! I already have about 100+ ready to go for you.


Grab your blanket, grab your snacks, it’s time for some facts.

I’m so excited that these are back. As I have said, every Thursday I’m gonna be dropping some knowledge on you. This starts tomorrow. 

I have already cultivated a long list of 398 obscure comic facts that most people just aren’t aware of. Ok, I just can’t wait so I’ll give you a bonus one…

Hot Wheels pulled an April Fools' prank by releasing Wonder Woman's invisible jet, which was just an empty Hot Wheels package. However, due to overwhelming demand, they decided to turn it into an actual product.

Now, for another special treat, for those that have read this far, head over to the dashboard and scroll down until you get to the “My Rewards” section. Input the number of Facts and hit enter. You might just get a quick Dragnet joke and a special treat.