Shield: The Original Patriotic Superhero

by Matthew Russell - Posted 2 weeks ago

Welcome my CryptoComics Compatriots. This will be a quick one, I know that you have a ton of Fireworks to light off and BBQs to get to. I just wanted to bring to light a true patriot that you might not know about.

As we celebrate Independence Day, what better way to honor the spirit of patriotism than by diving into the world of one of America's first patriotic superheroes? Let's talk about Joe Higgins, better known as The Shield!

Published in 1941, this comic anthology includes the first appearance of the iconic Archie in the story in which Archie meets Betty. It also includes the stories of Shield: Death of a Double, Hangman, Spumoni the Puppet Master, A Little Detour to France with Sergeant Boyle, The Breakup of the Sky Pirates featuring: Jolly Roger, The Case of Crummy King Featuring: Kayo Ward, and The Case of the Sea Serpent Featuring: Bentley of Scotland Yard.

Before Captain America ever threw his iconic shield, The Shield was already defending the American way. Making his debut in Pep Comics #1 in January 1940, The Shield is often hailed as the first patriotic superhero in comics.

Created by writer Harry Shorten and artist Irv Novick, Joe Higgins was a chemist who developed a special serum that gave him superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. Donning a costume inspired by the American flag, he took on the identity of The Shield to fight against the enemies of freedom.

What makes The Shield so special, you ask? Well, apart from his historical significance, The Shield’s adventures were packed with action, drama, and a healthy dose of good old American grit. His stories laid the groundwork for many superheroes that followed, including the likes of Captain America, who wouldn't appear until over a year later in March 1941.

So, why not take a trip down memory lane this Independence Day and explore the adventures of The Shield on CryptoComics Marketplace? Not only will you be delving into a piece of comic book history, but you'll also be celebrating the legacy of a true American hero.

Here's to the stars and stripes, and to the superheroes who embody the spirit of Independence Day! Happy Fourth of July from CryptoComics! You can read any of them by clicking the image below. Also don’t forget to try the badge code “1940” and enjoy.

Anthology series featuring the early Archie stories. This features the second story of Archie, The Basketball Blunder, in which the basketball coach says Archie can play in the game if he passes his history exam. Meanwhile, Jughead mixes up trunks containing basketball uniforms and ballet dresses. Archie is put in the game in the fourth quarter. He shoots, but Jughead falls into the net and catches it. Angry, Archie throws the ball down and he makes the basket, winning the game for Riverdale. Other stories in this anthology include: The Suicide Club Featuring: Shield; The Walrus Featuring: Hangman; The Boogy-Woogy War Featuring: Danny In Wonderland; Somewhere in the Sahara Featuring: Sergeant Boyle; Retribution for a Nurse Featuring: Jolly Roger; The Basketball Blunder Featuring: Archie; South American Stopover Featuring: Kayo Ward; and The Hound of the Devonshires Featuring: Bentley of Scotland Yard

The anthology that started the popular Archie series. This issues contains the third Archie story, called Archie's Taxi Service, in which Archie's jalopy is costing too much, so Archie offers to make it a taxi service. He picks up a man at the train station and while trying to shortcut, ends up on a road to the country. Bad things happen to the man and when Archie's jalopy is hit by a train, they end up walking 17 miles to Riverdale. When Archie goes to school the next day, he finds out that the man is the new principal. Other stories include: Shield; The Walrus's Prison Break Featuring: Hangman; The Boogy-Woogy Balloon Featuring: Danny In Wonderland; Battle in Tobruk Featuring: Sergeant Boyle; Radio-Free Germany Featuring: Jolly Roger; Archie's Taxi Service Featuring: Archie; Action in San Paulo Featuring: Kayo Ward; and The Case of the Poisoning Monkey Featuring: Bentley of Scotland Yard

The first appearance of Veronica in the early Archie stories that had their beginnings in this anthology series. In this issue published in April of 1942, Archie first meets Veronica and asks her out, not knowing that she's a rich girl with expensive tastes. He gets a job at the El Crocadearo to get money for the date, but that is where Veronica ends up wanting to go. Since Archie wore his work uniform for the date, he has to juggle working and dating Veronica. Other stories in this issue include: The Case of William Wayne Featuring: Shield; The Menacing Missionary Featuring: Hangman; The Timid Lion Featuring: Danny In Wonderland; Japs Raid Featuring: Sergeant Boyle; The Russian Mission Featuring: Jolly Roger; Veronica Makes the Scene Featuring: Archie; The Bandit King of San Paulo Featuring: Kayo Ward; and Case of the Druid Curse Featuring: Bentley of Scotland Yard