TCT Comics

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 2 weeks ago

Jamie Colby, Daryl Grupka, and creator Chad Dziamski "Jestdor" of TCT Comics talk with us about building a following, their passion for comics, and the importance of never giving up. We also get to see their new comic, Xolic Unleashed S Zero Horizon Zero

We always love to sit and chat with these guys and their team. They have a lot to say, although sometimes we wish we could censor live shows (totally kidding, guys). Watch the show, and don't forget to grab the exclusive TCT badge to add to your collection in the CryptoComics community!

Hear a little about TCT Comics in the words of partners Jamie Colby and Daryl Gruka

CC:  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

JC:  I am the owner of TCTCOMICS, I've started it back in 1995, and Daryl Gruka joined me in 2002.

DG:  Sit and have a cup of coffee with me if you want to know me.

CC:  Do you have any formal training or are you self-taught?

JC:  I am self taught. I forced myself to learn how to draw. All I originally wanted to do was write, now I do both and I love it.

DG:  Self-Taught 

CC:  Describe your style.

JC:  90s / 80s edge style of anime.

CC:  What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

JC:  Rum/dr pepper mixed makes draw all night with a endless mix of metal and rock music nonstop. Its truly fun, I love to do my stories because it's my dream come true.

DG:  It may seem odd, but its to tell the story.

CC:  Are you inspired by any particular works or creators?

JC:  Bruce Lee and Stan Lee are my inspirations, Bruce lee due to his wise wisdom and beautiful way of fighting, Stan Lee showed me anyone can make this happen and possible, you have an idea then go for it. If you think it's good then make it, because someone out there will too.

CC:  Do you work with others? 

JC:  I do, we don't call it The Core Team Comics for nothing, Daryl Gruka is my right hand man in all of this, on a daily basis we talk and come up with new ideas for tons of stories. Our other workers, I help guide them and show them its possible. We all have fun together.

CC:  What creation are you most proud of?

JC:  The entire company I am proud of, making it as far as we did. I am very proud of all of us doing so well, there has been many moments I am proud of throughout the history of our company, just too many to mention.

CC:  Can you tell me about your current project?

JC:  I keep a lot of my own stuff secret but I will say it part of the Horizon saga and the end of S Zero.

CC:  What passions do you have outside of comics?

JC:  Gaming, I use to watch anime and tv shows but ever since I've started all my free time goes to working on TCTCOMICS. 

CC:  Do you have any thoughts about the comic book industry?

JC:  Yes tons, far too much to type here maybe a live interview would be better. However I will say this Crypto Comics is going to save the comic book industry. 

DG:  Yeah, it need more stories and not the same old remade.

CC:  Do you have any advice for anyone that is just joining the industry for the first time, or looking to join the industry?

JC:  I do, don't screw up your series in the wrong order like i did lol Xolic Unleashed is 1 series not separate lol. Also work hard keep them comics coming and make some new friends, there are a lot of people here who have so much wonderful talent.

DG:  You'll know when you have something good and be ready to be told its nothing. Just keep going because it doesn't start off over night it takes time and fans.

CC:  Anything you would like to add?

JC:  Yes I've been asked multiple times will there be a phone app for this site, also thank you for this wonderful opportunity to help change the world and keep comics alive. 

DG:  HAVE FUN DOING IT, because if you're not enjoying it no one else will.

Thanks to Daryl, Jamie, and Chad for taking the time to talk with us! Check them out in the Marketplace, visit their website, or Like them on Facebook!