Questions for the CryptoComics Crew: Joe

by Matthew Russell - Posted 1 month ago

Welcome, my CryptoComics Compatriots! As we peel back the curtain to reveal the maestros behind our digital domain, today's feature is none other than the legendary Joe Frazier. No, not the boxer—our Joe throws knockout punches with code, not in the ring! 

You might remember him from our "Who’s Who of Blockchain Technology" blog post, where we celebrated his brainy brawn in the blockchain battleground.

Joe is the tech wizard whose keyboard is his wand, casting spells in software development and conjuring the future of digital comics. He's part engineer, part magician, and all about shattering the mundane to create exhilarating, secure user experiences. 

Under his techy tenure, we've seen a transformation not just in how comics are distributed, but how they are devoured by our enthusiastic community.

Diving into Joe's projects is like stepping into a new dimension where comics leap off the screen and interact with you, possibly offering to fetch a digital cup of coffee (still in beta, folks!). His vision for a comic book experience powered by blockchain is less about pages and more about immersive journeys. 

With Joe at the helm, it’s clear: the future of CryptoComics isn't just bright; it's downright dazzling—and hilarious, ensuring every byte and blockchain packs both a punch and a punchline!

What is your position at Crypto Comics and what comic character best showcases your job?

President. IronMan, I push for invention and I pull together a team. 

If you could have any superpower to help you with your work at CryptoComics, what would it be and how would you use it?

The ability to pause time... I have so much I want to do, and so little time. 

What's the one comic book that has influenced you the most, and how does it inspire your work at CryptoComics?

There's a series of comics called Dragon Man, all created on pencil and paper. Now, this is not a gorgeously drawn professional comic, rather one made by a kid. When I saw this my mind started to change about what I thought was important when it came to comics. I wanted to champion what I was seeing, and help make it possible for everyone to make comics. 

If you could collaborate with any comic artist or writer, living or dead, on a blockchain project, who would it be and what would you create?

Probably Gerimi Burleigh... He just seems like such a positive cool hard working guy and he's an excellent sketch artist. The project would be my "for fun side project" Strange Dice. 

Sidenote: Since Joe brought up Gerimi, I thought that I would share some of his amazing comics. 

Morningstar #1   At the dawn of creation, existence was a raw, untamed frontier. Seven gunfighting Archangels defended the town folk of Heaven from Daemons, primordial beasts dwelling in the void beyond. They strove to carve out a civilization from the chaos of the naked universe, but the greatest danger they faced was not from the wilderness. It was from within.

Eye Of The Gods #1  EYE OF THE GODS is a psychological thriller about a man cursed with haunting visions he can not control. It combines the high-tension paranoia of ENEMY OF THE STATE with the foreboding chill of THE DEAD ZONE.

 Sean Black undergoes surgery, cloning his eyes to restore his failing vision. After the operation, he "dreams" of a murder, only to discover that it really happened… But the death isn't being reported as a crime. When his curiosity gets the best of him, Sean uncovers a conspiracy and sets off a chain of events that unravel his life.

Share a moment when you completely geeked out at work. What was it about?

Basically all the time, that's what I do. 

What's one behind-the-scenes aspect of working at CryptoComics that would surprise fans?

Probably how hard and long we've been working on this labor of love. 

Imagine having an AI companion inspired by any comic book character. Who would it be, and how would they assist you in your daily tasks or work?

Jarvis, I'm making things today, Please tend to my work and get back to me on how it went. 

What's your go-to snack or beverage while enjoying your favorite comic or working on CryptoComics projects?

Pumpkin Seeds

If you could organize a panel at a comic convention, what would the topic be, and who would you invite as speakers?


How do you envision the future of comics and blockchain technology? Describe it as if it were a comic panel.


  1. Free publishing and earnings

  2. Easy buy/sale/trade

If you could add any feature to CryptoComics, what would it be and how would it enhance the marketplace?

I have a laundry list of wants, but fully integrated multi-chain-wallets and reporting are in my cross-hairs. 

What kind of tech invention would you wish to bring to life from any comic, and how would it benefit society?

AI Butler makes dinner, vacuums rug, answers the door…

I would likely have a better answer if I think on this one a bit.

After blockchain technology and AI, what is the next major step forward in the tech field that could change the world?

3D Printing, At Home Manufacturing

Beyond its financial applications, how do you envision blockchain technology impacting other aspects of our lives in the future?

anti-inflation, private transactions, true digital ownership