How can your store earn money from ComicBucks?

What are ComicBucks?

ComicBucks are what you earn anytime a Creator or Fan you’ve invited to the Marketplace buys or sells comic books.

What can you do with ComicBucks?

As a comic book store, you can use the ComicBucks to buy any comic books in the Marketplace.

How can you earn money?

After you've purchased comic books with the ComicBucks, you can resell them to your customers online, or to any users in the Marketplace. You can then cash out the money from those sales in your local currency.

Here's how your store makes money:

Step 1:  Join the Marketplace.

Step 2:  Invite your customers to join using the easy invite feature.

Step 3:  Every time they buy or sell comic books in the Marketplace, you’ll earn ComicBucks. 

Step 4:  You can use ComicBucks to buy Comic Books, and then resell those comic books for cash. Resellers keep a portion of the sale on our Marketplace (and the original Creator gets a portion for royalties!).

Your customers are already buying digital comic books. Isn’t it time your business started earning money from these digital comic book sales?

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