What are Credits?

Earn Comic Bucks

Credits are "rewards" that can be used to purchase comic books, graphic novels, and art in the Marketplace.


When you invite family, friends, and fans to the Marketplace, they become your "reward circle".

When your friends / family / fans invite THEIR friends to the Marketplace, they also become part of your reward circle. 

Anytime someone in your reward circle buys or sells comic books in the Marketplace, you earn CryptoComics Credits.

What can Creators use Credits for?

Credits can earn you money!

As a Creator, you can use the Credits to purchase your own comic books or the comic books from other creators, and then resell them as used digital comic books for a resale commission. The original creator will always collect a royalty from each resale.

Why can't I cash out my Credits directly for currency?

We are trying to encourage more sales for you, the Creator, with the Credits program. Credits can only be used to purchase items in the Marketplace. The items purchased can then be sold and cashed out in your local currency.

Build your fanbase, earn more Credits.

You can earn Credit rewards from anyone you invite to the community! Help build your fanbase and earn rewards for doing it. Anytime a fan you invite buys a book or invites someone else to buy, you earn reward Credits. 

CryptoComics is more than just a marketplace. Is it a community that rewards its members for supporting one another. 

Creating a profile is always free. Join now to see for yourself what CryptoComics is doing for Creators and Fans.