Want to Read for Free?

ComicBucks Read For Free

Invite your friends and family, and you could earn enough ComicBucks to read for free.

What are ComicBucks?

You can earn ComicBucks when people you invite buy or sell comic books. 

You'll also earn ComicBucks from anyone your contacts invite to the Marketplace!

We refer to this as your "referral circle". Anytime someone in your referral circle buys or sells comic books or graphic novels in the Marketplace, you earn ComicBucks. Watch the video below as Jared explains the basics of ComicBucks.

How does the ComicBucks Referral Program work?

Step 1: Invite friends and family to join CryptoComics. Step 2: When your friends or family buy and sell comic books, you earn ComicBucks. Step 3: Your friends and family invite THEIR friends and family.

Step 4: Set the price of your issue. Step 5: When THEIR invites buy or sell comic books, you also earn ComicBucks!

It is just that simple! You earn from your friends, AND you earn from friends of friends.

What can you buy with ComicBucks?

You can use your ComicBucks to buy any comic books in the Marketplace. You can then choose to sell those comic books for currency. The amount of ComicBucks you earn depends on the price of the comic books, and whether it is an original sale or a resale.