Buy. Read. Resell. Repeat.

Ever wish you could resell your digital comics?

ComicBucks Read For Free

Wish granted!

For the first time ever, comic book fans can now purchase digital comics, read them, and then resell them to other fans and collectors!

Tired of spending money on comic books that are read in a day and then just take up space on your e-reader? 

Do you pay a monthly subscription to read comics?

Now you can earn money from the comics you read! Resell your digital comics in the Marketplace.

Why join CryptoComics?

You can... 

Experience the books, from visual and audio effects to an interactive VR-compatible reader.
Hang out in a community. The Marketplace includes an active community of fans. Join the weekly shows, claim exclusive badges, chat with other passionate collectors and creators.
Collect digital books. You never know when issue #1 of that exclusive CryptoComics variant cover with a personal video message from the creator might be worth something.
Resell your books and art. Don’t want to hold on to your books? Put them for sale in the Marketplace and make some money to buy more, or cash out.
Earn free comics by inviting others. We want you to invite others. So we’re rewarding you with CryptoComics Credits anytime the people you invite AND their friends buy or sell in the Marketplace.

How You Get Started Selling Digital Comics:

Step 1: Join CryptoComics. Step 2: Buy a comic book issue from Creators, Publishers, or other Fans. Step 3: Read, Collect, or choose to put that issue for sale. Step 4: Set the price of your issue. Step 5: Get paid when another Fan buys your digital issue! (The original Creator gets paid too!)