Buy. Read. Resell. Repeat.

Ever wish you could resell your digital comics?

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Wish granted!

For the first time ever, comic book fans can now purchase digital comics, read them, and then resell them to other fans and collectors!

Tired of spending money on comic books that are read in a day and then just take up space on your e-reader? 

Do you pay a monthly subscription to read comics?

Now you can earn money from the comics you read! Resell your digital comics in the Marketplace.

How can you sell your digital comics books?

The technology behind CryptoComics tracks each issues published in the Marketplace. 

This means you can resell the issues you buy in the Marketplace. Set your own prices. Collect issues to increase their value, and sell when you need the money.

This is one of the things that makes CryptoComics different from any other marketplace - the technology that tracks issues through each purchase makes it possible for fans like you to resell used digital comics.

Make money from the comics you read! We are combining the benefits of print with the accessibility of digital. 

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you can collect, buy, and sell digital comics all in one amazing community.

Sell Digital Comic Books

How You Get Started Selling Digital Comics:

Step 1: Join CryptoComics. Step 2: Buy a comic book issue from Creators, Publishers, or other Fans. Step 3: Read, Collect, or choose to put that issue for sale. Step 4: Set the price of your issue. Step 5: Get paid when another Fan buys your digital issue! (The original Creator gets 5% from each resale. You’re supporting Creators when you resell their comic books!)