Hey Comic Book Stores

You can make money from being part of the CryptoComics Marketplace!

There is something special about going to a comic book store and browsing the shelves. Being part of a community. Seeing what is brand new, and well-loved older comics.

When building our digital marketplace, it was important to us to preserve the sanctity of the comic book store. 

Which is why comic book store owners can buy and sell used digital comics, and earn ComicBucks anytime the customers you invite to CC Marketplace buy and sell digital comics.

That’s right, you can earn money from used digital comic books. By levering brand new technology, we're making digital comic books collectible in way never possible before. 

CryptoComics Profile Example

Comic book stores can now be part of the digital comic book trend.

Here’s how you make money: You join the Marketplace. Invite your customers to join. Every time they buy or sell comic books in the Marketplace, you’ll earn ComicBucks. 

You can use ComicBucks to buy comic books in the marketplace, and then resell those comic books for cash. 

Resellers keep 90% of the sale on our Marketplace (and the original Creator gets 5% royalties!).

Your customers are already buying digital comic books. Isn’t it time your business started earning money from these digital comic book sales?

Request an invite to join the CC Marketplace now. Membership is always free, so you have nothing to lose!

ComicBucks Referral Program: How it Works

If you join CryptoComics and invite 50 of your best customers to join, you can earn 2% ComicBucks from every comic book they purchase in the Marketplace. If they invite their friends, you can earn an additional 2% ComicBucks from every comic book purchase their friends make.

If you invite a Creator, you can earn 4% ComicBucks from any comic books they sell in the Marketplace, and 2% from anyone they invite!

Your ComicBucks can be used to purchase comic books in the Marketplace, and you get 90% currency from every resale you make in the Marketplace. All you have to do is invite your customers and friends to join!

ComicBucks Rewards Program

You Comic Book Store can earn money from:

1) Reselling digital comic books
2) Your customers making purchases from Creators
3) Your customers re-selling their comic books
4) Anyone your customers invite that buy or sell books in the Marketplace!

CryptoComics is more than just a Marketplace.

CryptoComics is a marketplace and complete social community where all comic book enthusiasts can hang out, connect with Creators, buy and sell digital comic books, earn ComicBucks, and experience comic books in a brand new way.