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The fewer words used to communicate something, the more powerful the message.
There can be no adventure without action. Every action tells a story. Thrill seekers wanted.
Seriously, I looked in here and immediately called my best friend to make sure he was cool with wiping my browser history if I ever disappear. Then immediately took a cold shower.
Meandering thoughts. A burlesque comic, selling. In spite of the book.
Your son is a centaur? Can I be your son?
A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm not going to put a thousand words here.
Recorded stories of deeds done immortalize those individuals forever. It is a great way to learn how common people lived superhero lives.
Books you'll have to read to your kid a million times because they JUST WON'T TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!
Frey: Jared needs this whole section... badly. / Jared: Do I really? / Matt: Yes, Jared. You do!
There ain't no rest for the wicked, money don't grow on trees. I've got bills to pay, I've got mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this life for free!
This section is where you can find books available NOWHERE ELSE. We aren't talking just exclusives either here, ladies and gentlemen... I mean ONLY FOUND HERE.
It's kinda like that one ex everyone has that just really makes everything awkward and stressful... We like to call 'em tear jerkers or tissue-box books.
Swords, magic, elves, maybe an dragon with a bad attitude... Who really knows, except it is going to be epic!
Because our Editor reads these frequently, I cant put an Alternative Facts joke here, but I wanna.
Dinosaurs didn't read comics. And now they're extinct... Coincidence!?!
I tried a couple, and then I had to install a night-light.
I can confidently say that everything in here is both cooler and better dressed than me.
Locked down by account settings, and completely omitted from your collection showcase if you choose to buy a few. You’re welcome.
It was the CEO Joe, in the break room, with a hatchet... after reading these terrible jokes!
—GENTLEMEN, WE ARE AT WAR AND MUST NOT DROP OUR GUARD AT ALL. —Sir, the enemy gave us a giant wooden horse. —OH RAD! BRING IT IN.
THAT SERIOUSLY HAPPENED BRO! ... No, really, it did. I promise, it did! Ask Jared, he'll tell you.
Do you remember when comics were simple? When the stories were linear everyday entertainment? Well ... CryptoComics remembers.
Where we all enjoy long walks on the beach, in the rain, and dudes with long hair always seem to lose their shirts.
Advanced science & technology, time travel, aliens, AI, parallel universes, strange new worlds... What's not to love?
Wholesome tales you can read while Norman Rockwell paints your portrait.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
AndrewF insists no one saw him destroy the microfilm or bug the embassy.
Have you got gears or watches stuck to your hat or boots for no particular reason? You'll fit right in here.
When I try to ride my motorcycle with my underwear outside of my pants, people yell.
Burn some sage and put some malachite on your Ouija board — because The Others can see you reading these comics. Don't forget the salt!
........... .............. ................... .......................... get it?
If Jared and I can do it, almost anyone can.
AndrewF squinted meaningfully into the sunset. The Young Guns theme song began to play.